Rock music enthusiasts were in for an electrifying treat at The Fillmore Denver as 3 Doors Down brought their "Away From the Sun" Anniversary Tour to the stage. The iconic band celebrated their beloved album with a power-packed live performance that left the crowd craving more. The energy was contagious from the very start, with Candlebox, the legendary rock band, kicking off the night in high gear. Candlebox was celebrating an impressive 30 years since the release of their debut album, and their opening act set the tone for an epic evening of rock nostalgia and pure energy.

3 Doors Down

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From the moment 3 Doors Down stepped on stage, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. The band's electrifying presence, coupled with the timeless hits from "Away From the Sun," transported the audience back in time. As they belted out chart-toppers like "Here Without You" and "When I'm Gone," it was evident why this album has remained a favorite for so many throughout the years.

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Candlebox proved that age only adds to the power of rock music, delivering a phenomenal set that showcased their enduring talent and signature sound. Their classic hits resonated with the crowd, serving as a reminder of why they have been a force in the industry for three decades.

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The synergy between the bands and the enthusiastic audience created an unforgettable atmosphere. This concert was not just a celebration of two legendary bands; it was a testament to the timeless influence of rock music and its ability to ignite the soul. The 3 Doors Down "Away From the Sun" Anniversary Tour with Candlebox at The Fillmore Denver was an experience that will linger in the hearts of attendees for years to come.