The story of Andrew Ortega

Being born and raised in Colorado gave me the opportunity to explore not only big city movements but also allowed me to escape to the majestic Rocky Mountains and find inspiration in its solidarity. These two contrasting environments have given me the unique vision to find perfect moments everywhere.

I've always had a love for cars and their complexity but also their contrasting elegance in design. Cars were one of my main reasons for picking up the camera. Over the course of my journey as a photographer, I have come to love many aspects life has to offer. I have grown fond of examining human nature and the effects our surroundings have on us and express these unique characteristics in my street photography. Finding beauty in cityscapes and people in their various walks of life led me to find beauty in food and how it can bring us together. Coming together as human beings there is an innate allure to capture portraits and special moments we share with the ones we love.

As in life, my journey as a photographer isn't about an end goal but about the moments and people that fill the path we explore. I hope to cross paths with you all on this journey and create moments worth saving and sharing with the world.

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